The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was enacted to deal with the handling of personal data of European Union residents. It was approved by the European Union on April 14th, 2016, and the two-year implementation phase ends May 25th 2018. As of that date, everyone handling EU citizen data needs to be compliant.

If you collect, store, process, or handle data containing personally identifiable information (PII) about your customers, you are likely a data processor, and need to know about these new regulations. If you do ​any ​business with persons in the EU, you need to do some research to make sure you are (or will be) in compliance. Chances are, you’re not! You will need to change some of your data collection, or at least practices. Then you’ll need to explain what you’re doing with the data you’re collecting.


Open-i Advisors’ data consultants are ready to help. We do all the work to help you map the way your organization uses data to prepare it for easy analysis by a legal team. By working with Open-i Advisors, you can save time and money by packaging up everything you will need to hand off to legal counsel so that they can address your needs in as low cost a manner as possible. We even partner with a legal team focused on GDPR compliance, so if you’re looking for a holistic solution we can provide that as well.

Here’s what we do:

Initial Compliance Check

Open-i Advisors sets up a series of brief phone interviews to gather information that will assess your data privacy risks and measure your current privacy controls against the GDPR, issuing you a categorical compliance report that will serve as a roadmap for anticipated areas of focus to ensure GDPR compliance, which will aid ongoing discovery.

Data Discovery – Internal

Open-i Advisors provides a data-consultant led discovery process to analyze how data is used across your organization. An extensive register of your organization’s current data processing activities will be produced, along with a comprehensive visualization of the organizational data life-​cycle in its entirety.

Data Discovery – External

Open-i Advisors will do a public search of statements made by your organization, including privacy policy, email submission forms, white paper submission forms, client sign-​up forms, etc.

Final Compliance Check

Open-i Advisors will revisit the original compliance assessment, and highlight areas of anticipated concern to consider business process changes where necessary, and to discuss with legal counsel.

i. A summary of risk points

ii. A map of data flows by department

iii. A list of suppliers and other ​third​ parties with whom the client may share data (or who may share data with the client), with their GDPR statements included as relevant

iv. A list of all found public privacy or disclosure statements, ready for review

At the end of the GDPR prep, you’ll know what risks are present that can be mitigated, and what next steps you can take.
All this is offered for a reasonable hourly fee, which when put through an efficient action-oriented process will result in tremendously low cost for your company to gain all the insights you need to identify internal changes needed by your organization, and to engage a lawyer to make targeted, efficient changes to public statements.


Open-i Advisors helps you get started with GDPR compliance in a cost-efficient manner. Learn more.