We are a collective of experts that exists to create positive disruption in the world by helping companies capitalize on opportunities for impact and growth.  We specialize in empowering companies to navigate change at the key points of inflection. We bring fresh eyes onto new and existing challenges that your business faces, equipping you with clarity, confidence and action-oriented insights to inspire your business to unlock growth and create meaningful change. Then, we execute our recommendations right along-side you, guaranteeing your success.

We do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we get to know your business, develop solutions, and a scope of work unique to your needs. We are by your side, doing the work every step of your journey – whether that’s taking charge of a project that has been nagging at you for months, or years, or discovering new efficiencies you never dreamed of.

  • We Provide Clarity: Using our proven method for defining your vision of success, we provide clarity on the biggest opportunities to be unlocked in support of your goals.
  • We Inspire Confidence: Our collective of experts and skilled professionals, crafts a targeted solution that  minimizes uncertainty, empowering you with the confidence to move you and your company forward.
  • We Do It All Through Collaboration: We are not an outside organization looking in. We are your partners in success. We join you along for the ride as long as you need us.
  • We Do It Because We Care: Open-i exists to create positive change for organizations around the world.  We care about the individuals and the teams we serve, because we know change starts at the human level.