Open-i Advisors' mission is to create positive disruption for companies at a point of inflection by combining expert analysis, strategic planning and collaborative execution in pursuit of success.

We Provide Clarity: Using our proven method for defining your vision of success, we provide clarity on the biggest opportunities to be unlocked in support of your goals.We Inspire Confidence: Our collective of experts and skilled professionals, crafts a targeted solution that  minimizes uncertainty, empowering you with the confidence to move you and your company forward.

We Do It All Through Collaboration: We are not an outside organization looking in. We are your partners in success. We join you along for the ride as long as you need us.

We Do It Because We Care: Open-i exists to create positive change for organizations around the world.  We care about the individuals and the teams we serve, because we know change starts at the human level.

Open-i Advisors has the most talented team of growth consultants for small businesses.

Looking to send us something? Office locations are as follows:

Open-i Advisors, Inc., (Conseillers Open-i Inc.)
4710 Rue St Ambroise, Suite 305
Montréal QC H4C 2C7

Open-i Advisors, Inc.,
806 1/2 East Market Street
Louisville, KY, 40202

Open-i Advisors, Inc.,
2920 W Broad St. #22C
Richmond, VA 23230

Open-i Advisors, Inc.,
718 7th St., NW, Second Floor
Washington, D.C. 20001

Open-i Advisors, Inc.,
300 Campbell Ave. Unit 307
Toronto, ON M6P 3V6