Open-i Advisors Partners with Other Data Driven Organizations

If Open-i Advisors believes one thing, it’s that data is power. Our method of helping you build your business centers around helping you move beyond gut instinct, so that you can make decisions based on a quantitative analysis of the aspects of your business that drive your bottom line. We choose partners to work with that have the same ideology. These companies have Open-i Advisors’ stamp of approval, and we try our best to work with these organizations as we seek to help companies grow.

Data Driven Branding Partner

The Radial Path focus is on modernising the marketing playbook in the Telecommunications industry. They recognise that with recent shifts in the industry, markets becoming more competitive, and consumer buying behaviours changing, standard marketing techniques alone aren’t enough to drive significant growth anymore.

They offer new marketing models that compliment and optimise new emerging business models through tracking customer engagement, personalising content and brand experiences, automation to increase speed to market and efficiency, and full integration with sales.

They want to help Telecoms businesses think beyond press releases and trade shows and work more intelligently in their marketing methods to generate and nurture leads through a combination of strategy, messaging and content, and marketing technology and operations.

B2B Marketing Partner

eBridge Marketing Solutions is a B2B marketing agency established in 2001 specializing in developing and managing digital marketing for IT service providers. Services include: media buying and planning, demand generation, consulting and strategic planning, search engine optimization, paid search management, design and development, content creation and social media management.

Legal Counsel Partner

Amundsen Law Firm, LLC is a boutique law firm that specializes in working with companies in the information technology sector and other industries where innovation drives business, advising clients primarily on legal issues relating to business, intellectual property and data protection/privacy.

Domain Name Insights Partner

DomainsBot provides analytics solutions that help the Domain and Hosting Industry compete more effectively.

Founded in 2004, DomainsBot is the company that made name suggestion popular in the domain industry. Today, the DomainsBot Domain Sales Optimization Platform leverages the power of the best performing name suggestion on the market to provide its Partners accurate conversion metrics and competitive analysis.

For more advanced needs, the Big Data platform Pandalytics offers access to one of the most complete and accurate datasets in the industry, with hundreds of millions of datapoints on domain names and their usage. Pandalytics gives Domain Professionals a better understanding of their customer base and of the market. and the insights to turn that knowledge into better business opportunities and higher revenue.

Total HR Solutions Partner

TriNet provides small to medium sized businesses with scalable HR Infrastructure and Fortune 100 Level Employee Benefits. They deliver their HR experience in unique ways that are specifically designed to each vertical they serve.

Data Center Management Software Partner

From our perspective, nobody can help you quantitatively manage your company at the data center level better than Tuangru. That’s why we have made them our strategic partner, and give their services our strongest possible recommendation.

Today’s data center must scale, be agile and proactively cut costs to survive in the new era of big data, cloud, mobile and social. Tuangru is a Data Center Management (DCM) platform that allows operators to procure, deploy, monitor and measure their data center technologies through a web browser – for just $1/asset/month. The company was named one of Deloitte’s Technology Fast50 Companies-to-Watch 2016.

Want to learn more about our strategic partner Tuangru? Let us put you in touch with them, and you’ll earn a $50 Amazon gift card just for booking a demo of their services using the Promo Code: OPENI2017.