Taylor Tricarico

Managing Partner

Taylor has a passion for helping teams and organizations become efficient, well-oiled machines in pursuit of a common goal.   Taylor believes wholeheartedly that the key to a successful organization lies within its people.  She has experienced and understands the challenges of building, growing, and maintaining a world-class team in a competitive market, while simultaneously tackling ever-changing customer requirements.  Taylor believes there are great opportunities in growth, and works diligently to ensure success through positive changes to HR, company processes, customer satisfaction and employee relations.  Additionally, Taylor excels at data analysis and establishing successful customer feedback systems. This led her to a role with Open-i Advisors as a lead consultant, with a focus on employee relations and process improvement.
Prior to joining the team, Taylor served in a Director of Operations role for a customer-centric technology firm.  During her tenure, she was a key component in doubling the company’s staff size in under two years, as well as establishing an HR and Project Management function. She has a degree in Journalism from Temple University.