Our Newest Partner and One of Our Original Employees is Leading OiA’s Expansion

Open-i Advisors (OiA) is happy to announce the promotion of Taylor Tricarico to Managing Partner. Taylor has been with OiA since the beginning and has proven herself a valuable member of the team ever since through her problem-solving ability, her broad experience and understanding of business, her belief in the company and her proactive efforts to help OiA grow. She brings a valuable skill set to the current team of partners and has the vision to see OiA through our next stage of expansion.

“Taylor was the first person to really believe in Open-i Advisors; she’s been with us from the start.  She is passionate about helping our clients, and her knowledge of how to assess our clients’ challenges quickly, and then turn around a solution, is remarkable.  I am thrilled that we were able to have her join Open-i in this capacity, and I can’t wait to see what she can accomplish to assist it’s evolution.” – Hilary B. Osborne, Co-founder & Senior Partner

Taylor has the ability to understand the bigger picture and to quickly identify opportunities for improvement and growth for our diverse client base, and Open-i Advisors. Her breadth of skills and experience means she is both a smart strategist and a methodical tactician. A unique hybrid that makes her essential as Open-i Advisors plots their course for expansion. Taylor explains, “I am a high-level problem solver and ‘boots on the ground’ project manager at my core. Using these characteristics to help companies define and reach their own definition of success is my passion. Open-i Advisors is the perfect platform for me and I am thrilled to be in a position to take the organization to the next level so we can help even more organizations grow and thrive.”

Over the next few years, Taylor intends to assemble an expanded team of skilled, experienced consultants who share OiA’s values and passion for helping companies succeed. The team will engage a mix of early stage startups, established companies and non-profit clients. Taylor has experience working with clients in a wide range of industries throughout the world, but the prospect of working with more local, early-stage companies that need help building the company or organizational structure around their core ideas and values stands out in her mind. “I love the energy and passion that new leaders, innovators and start-ups exude,” said Taylor. “It energizes me.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Taylor Tricarico for many years, and there’s nobody I trust more to drive towards getting our clients the best solutions to their complex problems. She has been an integral part of Open-i Advisors since we onboarded our very first customers, and I am very proud to see her assume the role of Managing Partner at Open-i Advisors, Inc.” – Christian Dawson, Co-founder & Senior Partner

Taylor’s approach to OiA’s growth is purpose-focused and driven by her knowledge that  the services and expertise the OiA team can provide is truly transformational for companies and individuals. She has big plans for OiA and there is no one more ready to lead in our next chapter of expansion.

About Open-i Advisors:

Open-i Advisors mission is to empower businesses with data-driven, growth-focused strategies. To learn more about Open-i Advisors, go to https://openiadvisors.com/