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New Whitepaper: Improving Your Domain Business & Driving More Sales with Data

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Want to know how to use domain data to drive more domain sales but don’t know where to start? You need to read this new whitepaper from Open-i Advisors and DomainsBot which provides crucial insights and practical suggestions.

Learn how to:

  • Use competitive analysis to discover new opportunities
  • Build realistic personas with data to improve your customer experience
  • Spend your marketing dollars more effectively
  • Drive loyalty and retention with reactivation campaigns

Transform your domain business by putting data at the root of it.

Download the Whitepaper Now

OiA Sunday Reading List #6: How GDPR Marks an Evolution for Various Company Functions

By Sunday Reading

This week, Open-i Advisors launched our own GDPR consulting service. Here’s a short reading list to end the week on, with a few GDPR themed articles we find fairly interesting.

4 Marketers Share How GDPR Will Shake Up Brands’ Data Strategies

GDPR as Transforming Data Privacy Requirements for Companies

GDPR and retailers: A forced opportunity to turn data into gold

What do Data Scientists and Data Engineers Need to Know About GDPR?

An Evolution, Not A Revolution: Underscoring The Nuances Of GDPR

In particular, these readings highlight how GDPR changes things not only for those having to store and manage information, but also for marketers, lawyers, retailers, and anyone who uses data. And it’s not just tech companies like web hosts, app developers and cloud services who have to be concerned about GDPR — all sorts of organizations have to be aware of their use of data. But as we’ve mentioned before, GDPR preparation means getting your data footprint in order, and that’s something that could help your business run more efficiently. It’s good in the long-run.

These articles and posts got our attention this week. Please feel free to share the ones that got your attention in the comments.

Getting Your Data Under Control Before the GDPR Deadline

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Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation – comes into effect May 25, 2018, bringing with it new rules around data collection, storage and usage.

With data breaches making headlines on a regular basis, consumers are rightfully wondering how data is being collected, stored and used. The General Data Protection Regulation (or “GDPR”) is the European Union’s attempt at tackling this issue with a new rules around the collection, storage and processing of the information of EU Data Subjects – including end users, customers, and employees.

GDPR goes into effect May 25, 2018, and the penalties for GDPR non-compliance can amount to up to €20 million, or four percent annual global turnover – whichever is higher.

It’s very important to ensure your organization is compliant and this post will help you understand how to get your data under control before the GDPR deadline. Read More

Open-i Advisors Announces GDPR Preparation Service for Hosting and Cloud Providers

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Open-i Advisors’ New GDPR Preparation Service Helps Hosting and Cloud Providers Map their User Data

Open-i Advisors guides clients through their GDPR compliance journey in a thorough, flexible, and cost-efficient manner.

Washington, D.C. — April 3, 2018 – Any business collecting, storing, processing, or otherwise handling data containing personally identifiable information on European Union citizens needs to plan for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect May 25, 2018.

Open-i Advisors’ new GDPR preparation service makes it easy and affordable to assess how web hosting and cloud computing providers collect, store, and use customer data. Our data consultants are experts on mapping the way your organization uses data, finding possible risks, and determining what steps you can take to mitigate risks. You’ll be presented with a document that can be either assessed by our partner lawyers or your own legal team.

We work with you to create a report that includes:

  • A summary of risk points
  • A map of data flows by department
  • A list of suppliers and other ​third​ parties with whom the client may share data (or who may share data with the client) with their GDPR statements included as relevant
  • A list of all found public privacy or disclosure statements, ready for review

“By working with Open-i Advisors, you can save time and money by packaging up everything you will need to hand off to legal counsel so that they can address your needs in as low cost a manner as possible,” says Open-i Advisors Co-Founder Christian Dawson. “Our legal partners are experts on GDPR compliance, so if you’re looking for a holistic solution we can provide that as well”.

GDPR preparation from Open-i Advisors provides data expertise when you need it, with a data-consultant led discovery process, to analyze how data is used across your organization. Our process is straightforward and simple:

Initial Compliance Check: We speak with key people at your company to assess your data privacy risks and measure your current privacy controls against the GDPR.

Data Discovery – Internal: An extensive register of your organization’s current data processing activities will be produced, along with a comprehensive visualization of the organizational data life-​cycle in its entirety.

Data Discovery – External: Open-i Advisors will do a public search of statements made by your organization, including privacy policy, email submission forms, white paper submission forms, client sign-​up forms, etc.

Final Compliance Check: Open-i Advisors will highlight areas of anticipated concern to consider business process changes where necessary, and to discuss with legal counsel.

This GDPR preparation service is offered for a reasonable hourly fee, which will result in a low cost for your company to gain all the insights you need to identify internal changes needed by your organization.

Find out more about GDPR Preparation for Hosting & Cloud Companies here:

About Open-i Advisors

Open-i Advisors is a consulting company focused on Internet-related industries. Its hands-on approach helps organizations manage their customer data and determine their optimum market focus using next-generation industry segment data gathering and analysis. Open-i Advisors industry-expert consultants offer their experience and leverage a process that includes the power of quantitative data to better understand and actualize client goals. For more information, please visit

Sunday Reading List #5

By Sunday Reading
This week, we’ve been reading a lot about skepticism around data. We think it’s important to think critically about data’s role in helping your company grow. We are firm believers that being data-driven is the best path to growth. However, data needs to be used extremely wisely, and data needs to be of high quality to be useful. This week we’ve got a few articles that have kept us on our toes.

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Sunday Reading List #4: StackOverflow Developer Survey Results 2018

By Sunday Reading

This week, we are featuring only one thing on our reading list – the StackOverflow Developer Survey Results 2018.

StackOverflow is essentially an online forum where developers go when they’re stuck on a problem. Since its launch in 2008, it’s become the largest and most trusted online community for developers to learn and share​ ​their programming ​knowledge.

Drawing from this enormous community, StackOverflow does this survey in which more than 100,000 developers tell StackOverflow what tools they’re using, what they value in work, what they want for their careers, and much more. And each year, the results are chock full of incredible insights into the technical community that Open-i Advisors, and many of our customers, inhabit. It is the best data-driven insight into the mind of the developer that we’ve come across. Moreover, watching it change from year to year is useful in tracking trends in both technical innovation and HR.

We strongly recommend reading the entire survey, but here are the key takeaways we found.

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OiA Sunday Reading List #3

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This week has been a busy one at Open-i Advisors Inc. Here are some of the things our consultants have been reading. A lot of it this week focuses on the fact that neither people alone, or data alone, can get the job done. Only together are they most effective. Here’s our reading list:

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OiA Sunday Reading List #2

By Sunday Reading
A “data-driven culture” goes beyond simply using analytics – it’s a true embrace of data within an organization. Building a data-driven culture can be challenging, and so is maintaining this culture as the organization grows, but it can also be essential to staying relevant.
This week, we wanted to share some articles relating to data-driven culture in the reading list.

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OiA Sunday Reading List #1

By Sunday Reading
This week, we’re excited to kick off a series where we showcase some of the things that the OiA consultants have been reading as we engage our customers and help companies grow their businesses. There’s nothing more valuable than a culture that continues to read, learn, and grow. We hope that you get some value out of these articles as well.

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Join Open iAdvisors and iMiller Public Relations to Explore “Why the Why Matters”

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We are excited to announce a joint webinar on Tuesday, February 6th at 11AM EST. Come learn from two of the industry’s top growth agent organizations how to best put your business on a path to growth! Sign-up details below.