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Open-i Advisors launched a human-driven storytelling platform, from ideation to full-service implementation.

Growth Stories


Open-i Advisors launched a human-driven storytelling platform, from ideation to full-service implementation.

MHz Foundation was ready to expand and serve a global audience with a contemporary offering and needed a team to craft that offer and bring it to life.

Open-i Advisors helped grow Story from a one-woman show to 13 employees in seven months, while maintaining company culture.

OiA helped guide Story through their biggest expansion yet, through hands-on engagement of research, strategy, execution & project management.

Open-i Advisors helped Plesk chart a path to growth by identifying trends.

Plesk is one of the largest, most well-known brands in the web hosting control panel market; but wanted to set a new course towards growth in North America.

Open-i Advisors helped OVH launch its European brand in the United States.

OVH is one of the largest, most well-known brands of web hosting in Europe; however, in the U.S.A. it is far less known.

Management Stories

Open-i Advisors oversaw daily operations, while implementing change management and strategy for the future.

MHz Foundation needed help managing day-to-day operations, while pivoting into a new market, in support of their mission.

Our Expertise

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Plesk engaged Open-i Advisors during a critical point in Plesk's evolution, under new leadership with a refreshed technology to share with the industry. Open-i Advisors provided us with the insights and data we needed to execute on our North American growth strategy. They exceeded our expectations, and come with our highest recommendation.

Diarmuid Daltún - ‎CSO & VP Sales, Plesk

The Open-Xchange experience with Open-i Advisors has been extremely positive. Since we are a global company and growing at a fast rate, the insights provided by Open-i Advisors concerning team work and mentorship were extremely valuable to us. Specifically, Open-i Advisors helped us in identifying how best to work together and provided us methods to quickly bring new team members to a high level of productivity and expertise.

Nancy Vester - Vice-President of Services - Americas, Open-Xchange, Inc.

I was impressed from the beginning with the in-depth project plan, and for the most part, we stuck to that throughout. They were very thorough, and I felt like they had a strong understanding of our needs. The quality of work was great, very responsive, capable of higher level thinking, plus detail oriented. I would highly recommend Open-i Advisors.

Deborah Shea – Vice president, Strategy & Partnerships, OVH

Having worked with this team for years prior to the launch of this group, I believe that they bring something special to this industry that is worth getting connected to. I am excited by the breadth and depth of their insights, and I am pleased that I’m among their first clients.

Soeren von Varchmin – CEO, WorldHostingDays

We are grateful to Christian Dawson and Open-i Advisors for their efforts towards our exciting recent re-branding.

Ridley Ruth - COO, Dropsuite