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OiA Sunday Reading List #8

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In the age of Cambridge Analytica what are reasonable data norms?

While it’s usually best to just sit back with a bucket of popcorn and watch reality business drama unfold, I was surprised by the severe reactions insinuating Facebook’s eagerness to profit at the expense of its users’ data, creating paranoia around data analytics and equating data driven targeting to an underhanded practice of mind control.

Why Data Driven Sales Teams are the Most Advantageous

Your sales teams must come forward to encourage and nurture these leads, and turn them into paying and profitable customers. Many businesses that receive plenty of website traffic may still complain about lack of sales. That being said, data-driven sales teams are thriving. So what’s the difference?

Riding A Rocket Of Awesome To Data-Driven Success

Before Rockets of Awesome Founder and CEO Rachel Blumenthal had a thriving business — her subscription service for children’s clothes — she was a mom with a problem: There is no such thing as being done with clothes shopping for kids. No matter what anyone does, no matter how hard anyone tries, children are in the annoying habit of constantly growing.

3 Barriers To Data Quality And How To Solve For Them

Today, 80% of marketers say audience data is critical to their digital advertising efforts. Additionally, the same research noted that another 53% have increased their annual spend on data-driven ads. As audience data’s importance continues to grow for media buyers and sellers alike, concerns over quality have dramatically increased.

OiA Sunday Reading List #7

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We’ve been talking about GDPR a lot lately, and we launched a new GDPR service to help companies in the cloud and hosting space get ready.

So, it’s little wonder that we’ve also been reading a lot about GDPR, and how companies and industries will work after GDPR has become a reality. If this reality seems too far away, a company like Open-i Advisors can not only help you get GDPR ready, but also help you take full advantage of it throughout your company as you get more data-driven.

Check out these great articles about the post-GDPR world:

Post-GDPR, Clients Will Own Data And Agencies Must Get Creative

GDPR is changing the advertising industry. Client control over their own data will shift a lot of the common ways ads are run. Getting ahead of this change can put you ahead of the game. Learning how to interact with clients and potential clients in a post-GDPR world is vital to your company’s survival.

How Big Data Can Make a Big Difference in HR
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This is an overview of the book The Data Driven Leader. While not specifically related to GDPR, it focuses on how being data driven can assist companies in making positive HR decisions. We’ve been reflecting on how the digital privacy transformation that’s coming with GDPR can translate to every single department, even HR.

It’s time to become data-driven (or die)

People keep saying that now is the time to get data driven, or you’ll suffer the consequences. They are saying the same thing about GDPR compliance. Our answer? Combine the two. Take the lessons of the power of big data, and choose now as the moment to start to take control of your data, both for growth purposes and GDPR focused ones.

OiA Sunday Reading List #6: How GDPR Marks an Evolution for Various Company Functions

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This week, Open-i Advisors launched our own GDPR consulting service. Here’s a short reading list to end the week on, with a few GDPR themed articles we find fairly interesting.

4 Marketers Share How GDPR Will Shake Up Brands’ Data Strategies

GDPR as Transforming Data Privacy Requirements for Companies

GDPR and retailers: A forced opportunity to turn data into gold

What do Data Scientists and Data Engineers Need to Know About GDPR?

An Evolution, Not A Revolution: Underscoring The Nuances Of GDPR

In particular, these readings highlight how GDPR changes things not only for those having to store and manage information, but also for marketers, lawyers, retailers, and anyone who uses data. And it’s not just tech companies like web hosts, app developers and cloud services who have to be concerned about GDPR — all sorts of organizations have to be aware of their use of data. But as we’ve mentioned before, GDPR preparation means getting your data footprint in order, and that’s something that could help your business run more efficiently. It’s good in the long-run.

These articles and posts got our attention this week. Please feel free to share the ones that got your attention in the comments.

Sunday Reading List #5

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This week, we’ve been reading a lot about skepticism around data. We think it’s important to think critically about data’s role in helping your company grow. We are firm believers that being data-driven is the best path to growth. However, data needs to be used extremely wisely, and data needs to be of high quality to be useful. This week we’ve got a few articles that have kept us on our toes.

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Sunday Reading List #4: StackOverflow Developer Survey Results 2018

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This week, we are featuring only one thing on our reading list – the StackOverflow Developer Survey Results 2018.

StackOverflow is essentially an online forum where developers go when they’re stuck on a problem. Since its launch in 2008, it’s become the largest and most trusted online community for developers to learn and share​ ​their programming ​knowledge.

Drawing from this enormous community, StackOverflow does this survey in which more than 100,000 developers tell StackOverflow what tools they’re using, what they value in work, what they want for their careers, and much more. And each year, the results are chock full of incredible insights into the technical community that Open-i Advisors, and many of our customers, inhabit. It is the best data-driven insight into the mind of the developer that we’ve come across. Moreover, watching it change from year to year is useful in tracking trends in both technical innovation and HR.

We strongly recommend reading the entire survey, but here are the key takeaways we found.

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OiA Sunday Reading List #2

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A “data-driven culture” goes beyond simply using analytics – it’s a true embrace of data within an organization. Building a data-driven culture can be challenging, and so is maintaining this culture as the organization grows, but it can also be essential to staying relevant.
This week, we wanted to share some articles relating to data-driven culture in the reading list.

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OiA Sunday Reading List #1

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This week, we’re excited to kick off a series where we showcase some of the things that the OiA consultants have been reading as we engage our customers and help companies grow their businesses. There’s nothing more valuable than a culture that continues to read, learn, and grow. We hope that you get some value out of these articles as well.

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