Last week, the web hosting community gathered for the first-ever Webpros Summit. This highly technical conference brought together some of the top experts in the field of web hosting, including Open-i Advisors Co-founder and Senior Partner, Christian Dawson.

At the event, Christian led a session covering the latest facts and figures on cloud hosting. He cited data from some of the most influential sources, especially data from our partners at Structure Research, explaining why the cloud should be the focus in today’s hosting economy. 

If you weren’t able to attend the session, you will have the opportunity to access Christian’s presentation, to find and utilize the facts and figures most relevant to the Internet infrastructure ecosystem today. This data is essential for identifying market opportunities, uncovering market threats, and discovering ways to differentiate your business in a complex landscape. 

The slides Christian put together for the presentation, and links to the resources he finds most helpful for recognizing market opportunities within the cloud industry, are located here

Some of the major takeaways from the presentation spoke to the projected growth of the industry. The cloud infrastructure industry is projected to grow at an exponential pace, according to Structure Research. As this industry continues to grow in the coming years, there are some potential threats to the competitive landscape.

The major threats include cybersecurity, platformification, and consolidation. In terms of cybersecurity, the success of the cloud infrastructure market in the long term relies largely on customers using the services and resources they purchase responsibly, rather than for spam or phishing. Platformification has a number of benefits, but also comes with the issues of lack of prioritization, among others. Consolidation of hypervisor and broadband markets also poses a major threat, and is putting pressure on small businesses to compete on price and scale.

When companies know the numbers surrounding their industry and their business, they are better able to defend against these threats, while continuing to take advantage of new market opportunities. Staying on top of cybersecurity and threat mitigation in this space can positively affect your bottom line, while increasing trust in the industry as a whole. In order to combat platformification, use data to get to know your customers better, especially small and medium-sized businesses. To compete against consolidation, it is important to know what your company excels at, before advertising to the specific audiences who can benefit most from your service and expertise. Having strong data about the success of your past client engagements can be a significant help. 

This is only a glimpse into the immense amount of data-driven insight available on cloud infrastructure. To find more industry data, look to the reports produced by some of the thought leaders in the cloud infrastructure space including:

While this information is helpful to understand the broader industry, understanding your company’s individual purpose in the market is the quickest path to success. Please reach out to our team, if you need assistance analyzing the market from your unique perspective.