Industry insights

Open-i Advisors’ mission is to focus the power of big data and make it accessible to the small, business-driven, Internet infrastructure industry. We can get you the information you need in order to succeed.

Industry Data Reports

The core of Open-i Advisors’ unique offerings are the development of automations to efficiently delineate data from public sources, to create a reliable economic portrayal of select industries and their submarkets.

From these automated big data sets, we are able to offer clients access to an incredible amount of data distilled down to standardized quarterly and annual reporting deliverables; and/or customized reporting designed to uncover answers to specific questions about the industry and the client’s place within it. We also offer advanced analysis combining Open-i Advisors’ data and insights with those of other providers; and real-time standardized reporting on an on-demand or subscription basis.

Our reports provide industry-level KPIs around:

Competitive landscape

A specific company’s position in overall market

Trend analysis on verticals, based on keyword analysis of those targeted verticals