This week, we’re excited to kick off a series where we showcase some of the things that the OiA consultants have been reading as we engage our customers and help companies grow their businesses. There’s nothing more valuable than a culture that continues to read, learn, and grow. We hope that you get some value out of these articles as well.

Why a data-driven, customer-centric mentality is the future of everything!
CIO New Zealand

Put simply, the consumer has more power than ever. Unless you are addressing their unique needs, and they know it, they’ll look elsewhere. Options abound, and only those who know their customers best are going to have success gaining, and maintaining business.

How Bad Data Practice Is Leading To Bad Research

The thing about data is, no matter how much you collect, it’s ‘garbage in, garbage out’. This article looks at different common errors used in research. We’re constantly looking for ways to validate data sources, to ensure that the data that gets used to help make business decisions is as trustworthy as possible.

Your Company Collects Tons of Data: Now What?

Data isn’t useful alone – in fact really it’s just a security liability. Unless you’re shaping the data in ways that help you make business decisions, or validate your current course of action, all your gathering doesn’t really amount to much. Crafting data into strategic uses is a specialty of Open-i Advisors, but here’s a general overview of how you would start.

Transforming the Data-Driven Culture starts from the Top: How to get your CTO to embrace Data-Driven Strategy
Towards Data Science (Medium)

Each organization needs to have a data strategy, not just more people working on data. It’s got to be embraced by key management within an organization. This is one way to get people on your team on-board with the idea that a holistic data strategy can get everybody working towards the same goals easier and faster. In our experience, sometimes it’s the CTO who needs convincing, sometimes it’s sales or marketing. But this article has good tips for when the tech team needs to see what they gain from a comprehensive data strategy.

Data-Driven Strategies to Identify and Engage Your Online Shoppers

Sometimes you just want to get down to business and figure out how you can get more business conversions using big data. If the only goal is to make more money in the same way you’ve been doing it, this article cuts to the chase on what you need to focus on.
These are just some of the articles and posts we’ve been talking about this week. Let us know if you came across anything this week that you’d like to share.
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