A “data-driven culture” goes beyond simply using analytics – it’s a true embrace of data within an organization. Building a data-driven culture can be challenging, and so is maintaining this culture as the organization grows, but it can also be essential to staying relevant.
This week, we wanted to share some articles relating to data-driven culture in the reading list.

Creating A Data Culture
Stanford Social Innovation Review

How do you start shifting your business to be data led? Here are some useful ideas. This article centers on the nonprofit and socially conscious company, but many of the pieces of advice are globally applicable.

Big Companies Are Embracing Analytics, But Most Still Don’t Have a Data-Driven Culture
Harvard Business Review

Are you using data to move the ship forward, or to rearrange the deck chairs? Only by embracing a data driven culture can you really make the hard decisions necessary to succeed. Some larger organizations are learning those lessons now.
We are actually big believers in the gut, but then you need to measure! We also love case studies – and these are some great examples of case studies where businesses are growing and succeeding because of data.

How Amazon Is Minting A New Generation Of Customer-Data-Obsessed Companies

Amazon is one big company that definitely has a data driven culture. Examining how they use data, and how it drives their success, informs how we work with others to do the same.

Data-based investigation could have led to Bruce McArthur’s arrest much sooner, says expert
CBC The Current

This one is off the beaten path, but many of us are from Toronto and we thought we’d throw it in. It just goes to show, that being data driven helps in every industry – especially when lives are on the line.

These articles and posts got our attention this week. Please feel free to share the ones that got your attention in the comments.
Above photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash.