OiA Sunday Reading List #6: How GDPR Marks an Evolution for Various Company Functions

By April 15, 2018February 12th, 2020Sunday Reading

This week, Open-i Advisors launched our own GDPR consulting service. Here’s a short reading list to end the week on, with a few GDPR themed articles we find fairly interesting.

4 Marketers Share How GDPR Will Shake Up Brands’ Data Strategies

GDPR as Transforming Data Privacy Requirements for Companies

GDPR and retailers: A forced opportunity to turn data into gold

What do Data Scientists and Data Engineers Need to Know About GDPR?

An Evolution, Not A Revolution: Underscoring The Nuances Of GDPR

In particular, these readings highlight how GDPR changes things not only for those having to store and manage information, but also for marketers, lawyers, retailers, and anyone who uses data. And it’s not just tech companies like web hosts, app developers and cloud services who have to be concerned about GDPR — all sorts of organizations have to be aware of their use of data. But as we’ve mentioned before, GDPR preparation means getting your data footprint in order, and that’s something that could help your business run more efficiently. It’s good in the long-run.

These articles and posts got our attention this week. Please feel free to share the ones that got your attention in the comments.