OiA Sunday Reading List #8

By April 29, 2018 May 2nd, 2018 Sunday Reading

In the age of Cambridge Analytica what are reasonable data norms?

While it’s usually best to just sit back with a bucket of popcorn and watch reality business drama unfold, I was surprised by the severe reactions insinuating Facebook’s eagerness to profit at the expense of its users’ data, creating paranoia around data analytics and equating data driven targeting to an underhanded practice of mind control.

Why Data Driven Sales Teams are the Most Advantageous

Your sales teams must come forward to encourage and nurture these leads, and turn them into paying and profitable customers. Many businesses that receive plenty of website traffic may still complain about lack of sales. That being said, data-driven sales teams are thriving. So what’s the difference?

Riding A Rocket Of Awesome To Data-Driven Success

Before Rockets of Awesome Founder and CEO Rachel Blumenthal had a thriving business — her subscription service for children’s clothes — she was a mom with a problem: There is no such thing as being done with clothes shopping for kids. No matter what anyone does, no matter how hard anyone tries, children are in the annoying habit of constantly growing.

3 Barriers To Data Quality And How To Solve For Them

Today, 80% of marketers say audience data is critical to their digital advertising efforts. Additionally, the same research noted that another 53% have increased their annual spend on data-driven ads. As audience data’s importance continues to grow for media buyers and sellers alike, concerns over quality have dramatically increased.