Open-I Advisors can help you understand and run your business.

Tap into our ability to extract decision-making information from your own data and our years of operational experience to efficiently run a SMART, efficient and profitable business.

Some of the services we offer include:


A decision made without data is little more than a guess. Open-i Advisors eliminates the guesswork and arms organizations with essential Business Intelligence.


We build robust and detailed management dashboards based on key performance metrics. These dashboards give valuable insight into performance and serve as a powerful and concise communication tool, illustrating the overall health of the company. Select dashboards can also be used to communicate department specific statistics, and track success against pre-determined goals.

Understanding what a company values and how they define success is the first step in building a strategy for managing and leading through metrics. Before the work of mining data and creating dashboards begin, Open-i Advisors walks clients through the process of defining success and linking key metrics to those definitions. We evaluate current data sources, suggest new ones and determine the precise information to communicate through reports and management dashboards. Learn more.


Your business may engage many different channels to develop business opportunities; determining whether you are leveraging the correct ones can be difficult. There is only so much time to focus on opportunities, and knowing where to apply resources is one of the most critical components of any growth strategy.

Open-i Advisors can analyze your channel effectiveness and give you clear-cut decision making tools on what you should be focusing your channel efforts on. We have the industry experience to point you in the direction of new channel opportunities, as well as building you an efficient path to success that will allow you to quickly figure out how to do more of what’s working rather than maintaining the status quo. Learn more.


Efforts put into competitive research, marketing and PR create opportunities, but without an effective sales process in place, these opportunities can slip away. Open-i Advisors examines current sales cycles and identifies ways to optimize them. Sales cycle engagements include developing strategies for lead communications, CRM workflows, staffing and organizational structure. We can perform a full analysis of the metrics used to measure the success of a sales team, and introduce new methods for tracking activity against existing goals. Learn more.


Understanding your customer base, listening to their desires and responding to their needs is paramount to a company’s success, period. As a company scales, it becomes impossible to keep track of customers’ needs, wants, and complaints, without a system in place to do so.

Open-i Advisors builds such systems for our clients. We give organizations a reliable, consistent feedback loop and communication plan that puts actionable intelligence in the hands of managers and front-line employees, while ensuring customers feel heard and valued. Learn more.


Your vision is what you aspire to be, your mission is how you will do it; your values are the behaviors you will follow while you are reaching for your mission. However, if you haven’t taken the time to intentionally establish a specific set of standards, you run the risk of others shaping your business’ public perception. You also run the risk of creating a workforce that is misaligned with each other and the common values of the company.

Open-i Advisors’ core values discovery engagement, takes companies through a proven process of uncovering them, and building a plan to leverage those values and the culture they represent, everything from employee engagement to marketing materials to product development. Learn more.


Experienced oursourced management doesn’t need to be expensive, especially when full time work is not required. Our advisors have hands-on experience running organizations, and in fact operate multiple organizations on a perpetual basis. General operating tasks include:

  • Board of Directors management
  • HR management
  • Financial operations management
  • Project management
  • Operations management through change or restructuring

In many cases, a role can be accomplished by an experienced executive on an hourly basis far more affordably than if you attempted to hire the same level of talent elsewhere.

Open-i Advisors has active experience running the operations of multiple businesses, and can likely run yours. Learn more.