OiA Sunday Reading List #7

By April 22, 2018 April 24th, 2018 Sunday Reading

We’ve been talking about GDPR a lot lately, and we launched a new GDPR service to help companies in the cloud and hosting space get ready.

So, it’s little wonder that we’ve also been reading a lot about GDPR, and how companies and industries will work after GDPR has become a reality. If this reality seems too far away, a company like Open-i Advisors can not only help you get GDPR ready, but also help you take full advantage of it throughout your company as you get more data-driven.

Check out these great articles about the post-GDPR world:

Post-GDPR, Clients Will Own Data And Agencies Must Get Creative

GDPR is changing the advertising industry. Client control over their own data will shift a lot of the common ways ads are run. Getting ahead of this change can put you ahead of the game. Learning how to interact with clients and potential clients in a post-GDPR world is vital to your company’s survival.

How Big Data Can Make a Big Difference in HR
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This is an overview of the book The Data Driven Leader. While not specifically related to GDPR, it focuses on how being data driven can assist companies in making positive HR decisions. We’ve been reflecting on how the digital privacy transformation that’s coming with GDPR can translate to every single department, even HR.

It’s time to become data-driven (or die)

People keep saying that now is the time to get data driven, or you’ll suffer the consequences. They are saying the same thing about GDPR compliance. Our answer? Combine the two. Take the lessons of the power of big data, and choose now as the moment to start to take control of your data, both for growth purposes and GDPR focused ones.