3 Times Data Solved Real World Business Problems

By February 28, 2018 Insights

You might hear phrases like “data is the new oil”, but you might not know exactly how to make the most of data in your own organization. Being data-driven is more than just seeing a few canned reports at the start of each day or week. Over the past few months here at OiA, we’ve helped many companies and non-profits combine strategy with a data-focused approach to help them solve real business challenges.

Here are some examples of challenges that we helped solve using our data-oriented approach.

Maximizing OVH’s Marketing Impact Leading up to its US Launch

OVH is a popular web hosting brand in Europe that needed to build its reputation in the US market where it opened a subsidiary. To target “medium enterprise IT” would be too broad, so OiA used data to establish key growth verticals; we mined data from market research, conducted interviews to formulate a series of buyer personas to represent an ideal OVH US customer, so that company messaging connects with specific individuals. This data-driven market strategy means they will be focusing their efforts on the right people in this new market.

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Using Constructive Input on Past Experiences to Improve Plesk’s Business Going Forward

Web hosting control panel giant Plesk, isn’t afraid of facing real feedback from customers and partners in the pursuit of improvement. To get the most honest feedback, they had OiA engage with current and past partners. As a trusted third-party, the interviewees opened up to OiA with honest feedback on Plesk. OiA was able to take that information and provide strategic advice on how Plesk can make meaningful improvements, but they were also able to understand which partners were most ideal, which helps create a target profile for future partners.

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Setting Up the MHz Foundation to Reach New Audiences & Make a Bigger Impact

MHz Foundation’s mission is to bring the diverse cultures of the world to US audiences through digital media programming and content curation. In late 2015, this organization, which had roots in the public broadcasting space, was at a crossroads where its role was evolving. By thinking about how they can make the most impact, OiA helped them build a strategy to make the most of online distribution to reach new audiences, and to more effectively oversee its broadcasting subcontractors. OiA’s plan gave them the tools and guidance they needed to oversee their daily operations, while implementing change management, strategy for the future and tracking performance data all along the way.

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There are almost limitless examples of how a data-centric approach can solve real challenges. And while our examples show major changes in organization, they can also solve smaller problems or refine processes. Just start with defining a problem, then proceeding to find ways to measure and test your actions, then using feedback to improve.

Check out the case studies above to learn more about each example, or reach out to us and we can figure out how you can use data to transform your business.


Title Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash.