Open-i Welcomes Ellie Puckett & Stacey Servo To Our New Louisville, Kentucky Location!

By February 24, 2020Uncategorized
Louisville Expansion

This expansion positions us to serve not only established organizations around the globe, but start-ups and younger companies who are ready to take on their next big challenge!

Open-i Advisors (OiA) is settling into the new year with a keen eye on our expansion. Last September, we established a new office in the lively and welcoming city of Louisville, Kentucky. One of many reasons we decided to expand to Louisville was the opportunity to help grow the city’s business and entrepreneur community. 

 “Serving innovative communities and helping them grow is at the heart of what Open-i Advisors is! We started in Washington, D.C. and Toronto, ON, and have gone on to contribute to communities in Montreal, QC and Richmond, VA. Since opening in Louisville we have come to love its spirit. We believe in Louisville and can’t wait to help it build to its potential!”

Christian Dawson, Co-founder & Senior Partner

“Once we hired Taylor as our Managing Partner, and she told us how Louisville is becoming a start-up hub and that there would be lots of opportunity to work with small businesses who want to grow; to me it made perfect sense to have one of our offices there.  We’re thrilled to be part of the community!”

Hilary B. Osborne, Co-founder & Senior Partner

A key part of our expansion is hiring experts who truly embody the spirit of our company and our desire to help businesses grow and achieve their goals. With that mission in mind, we are thrilled to welcome Ellie Puckett and Stacey Servo to our Louisville team. With nearly 20 years of collective experience working in corporate and start-up environments, both women will play an important role in further connecting Open-i Advisors to the Louisville business community. 

A native of Louisville, Ellie formerly worked for Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI), where she coached tech start-ups and helped them achieve desired growth. Ellie will put her experience to work for Open-i Advisor’s clients through operations consulting from an innovative perspective. As Ellie puts it, “you can either be an already innovative company that needs to grow, or you can be a legacy company looking to benefit from the way in which new companies start. Either way, I can help you implement agility-style methods into your existing processes, so that you’re able to grow and scale your business.”

“Ellie helps us fill a gap that the local business ecosystem continues to have around one-on-one services, and targeted resources for entrepreneurs,” says Managing Partner Taylor Tricarico, who serves as the head of Open-i Advisor’s Louisville office. 

Stacey’s work will center on marketing and growth strategy for companies in Louisville and around the world. She will use her experience building companies and advising both start-ups and entrepreneurs to help businesses develop strategies to meet their goals. “Stacey has both the ability to operate on a strategic level, as well as execute on the ground. This allows her to quickly help clients gain the clarity and focus they need, to get them from where they are now, to where they want to be,” says Taylor Tricarico.

Both women agree that they are expert connectors and are happiest when they are helping to connect people with resources to build solutions. “Sometimes all you need is a new connection, or very specific tactics to help move your company forward,” says Stacey. 

We are excited that these two experts decided to connect with us, and become a part of the Open-i Advisors team. We look forward to the work we will do together and how we will help Louisville businesses, old and new, achieve their goals.